The United States remains the most attractive renewable energy market in the world

The United States remains the most attractive renewable energy market in the world

  • 2020-12-04
According to the latest renewable energy national attractiveness index (Recai) report released by ey, the second largest accounting firm in the United States, the United States is still the most attractive country in the world for investment and deployment of renewable energy.

According to the index released twice a year by Ernst & young, the United States became the most attractive country in the world to invest in renewable energy in May. At the time, Ernst & Young said that despite the setbacks during covid-19, the future of the renewable energy industry in the United States remained bright after the outbreak.

In the new November rankings, India and the UK are among the top five most attractive renewable energy markets, with Australia rising from fourth to third, Germany and France sliding from fifth to sixth and from third to seventh, respectively.

In addition to listing renewable energy as the most attractive investment destination, hydrogen and artificial intelligence (AI) are likely to be critical to addressing the expansion of renewable energy, ey said on November 24.

This novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic has prompted more and more governments and companies to focus on long-term goals and strive to achieve net zero emissions, including the net zero emission targets of several major international oil companies.

However, to achieve net zero emissions, more technologies and innovative solutions are needed, and more technologies are needed to ensure a stable, reliable and balanced transmission network. Ernst & Young said two key contributing factors could prove that - hydrogen and artificial intelligence.

In particular, green hydrogen produced by electrolysis of renewable energy power can help countries with limited wind and solar resources to decarbonize, ey said. However, the cost of green hydrogen needs to be greatly reduced and the production efficiency needs to be improved. Ey believes subsidies are needed to keep the price of green and blue hydrogen in line with traditional fuels.

Thierry Mortier, head of global energy digital and innovation at Ernst & young, said another potential driver for low-carbon energy could be artificial intelligence, which could improve demand forecasting and asset management because of its predictive power.
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